Plan Your Self-Care Rituals Based On Your 5 Senses

The majority of teachings centered around pleasure teach through a lens of sexuality. The popularization of tools such as jade eggs, crystal vaginal wands, and experiencing different orgasmic states has been steadily increasing. However, pleasure does not start with our sex organs and when we view pleasure this way, we skip over the important basics […]

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How To Plan Your Schedule Based On Ayurveda

Do you find yourself struggling to focus throughout the workday? Are you relying on that double espresso to get you through the mid-afternoon hump? Do you wonder why it’s so difficult for you to tap into your creativity and inspiration when needed? That’s because you are likely fighting against your natural flow of energy. Ayurveda […]

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How To Create Your At-Home Sound Healing Practice

Sound is a universal language. It’s true, we understand sound and integrate it because everything around is vibrating matter. In our article, “Sound Healing for a High Vibe Life,” Molly Pizzo discussed why sound healing is such a profound practice, she touched on how cultures spanning the test of time have worked with this, as […]

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